About NBK

Natural Born Killers [NBK] was founded on May 22nd, 2022, and has been growing rapidly since its foundation. From the beginning, we build the community around Warzone while anxiously waiting for Warzone 2.0 to come out. During this time, we have created a fantastic community of friendly and fun players of all skill levels. 

Most of our members have full-time jobs and families, and our ages range from 21 to 45 years old, and we believe no one is too old to participate and contribute to this great community of gamers. Due to the massive success of the community, we needed to start looking into the future and innovate to keep the clan relevant in the upcoming years.

Strategic View

At [NBK], we aim to provide the best Discord and gaming experience for all our members. As we continue growing, we realize that the quality of members is more important than the number of members that a Discord server has. For this reason, we perform quarterly server purges only to keep the active members on the Discord server.

We do make exceptions for players who were active and had encountered an unexpected life event that will keep them out of gaming for a while. We understand that people must stop gaming when something happens in real life. 

We believe a great community is built on respecting each other, regardless of where we come from and who we are. We understand everyone might have different points of view regarding specific topics, and that’s why we encourage our members to keep “controversial” topics (politics, religion, etc.) out of our community. 

Road Map

When [NBK] was founded, the vision was to bring together active players from all skill levels that played Warzone 1 and Warzone 2 upon release as their primary game.

Our Warzone community started to grow fast and stable, and now we have three to four squads running daily, mainly in the evenings and on weekends. As a next step, we open our community to Apex Legends players, and we are actively recruiting players for the game.

For the Future: We are building a community around these games, and NBK will be expanding into more games soon. Make sure to join the NBK community!

Games We Play

Apex Legends

Diablo 4

Helldivers 2


Join Our Discord Server

Natural Born Killers is an exclusive, friendly, and active community of Apex Legends, Diablo 4, Helldivers 2, and Warzone players that keep you engaged and active, so you don’t have to jump from discord server to discord server to find people to play with. 

Our player base ranges from casuals to sweats, and you can group up with people who match your playstyle for a better gaming experience. 

Our mature community averages 30 years old, and most have full-time jobs and families. However, we dedicate a reasonable amount of time to gaming every day.


– Be 21+ Years Old
– Have a good working microphone
– Be on PC or XBOX and in the North American Region
– Use Discord for Clan and Voice Communication
– Wants to participate in the community